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Mercedes X-Class - Steering wheels: sporty or elegant

The steering wheel is the driver's direct connection to his Mercedes X-Class. Accordingly, this vehicle part is a popular tuning accessory. Many users want to use the steering wheel to optimize the driving experience. Hartmann helps you.

Leather steering wheel: For the special look and feel

For example, you can opt for a leather steering wheel as a tuning accessory for your Mercedes X-class. The appropriate components provide a unique look in the cockpit of your vehicle. The leather provides a distinguished, elegant and high-quality look. In addition, leather steering wheels provide a unique feeling when steering your X-Class. The material clings comfortably to your hands. You feel all movements of the car directly, which increases the driving pleasure.

Sport steering wheel: transform your X-Class into a racing machine

As an alternative to the leather variants, you can also opt for a sports steering wheel as an X-Class accessory. They transform your vehicle into a racing machine with the appropriate X-Class tuning parts. The sports steering wheels are designed to fit perfectly in your hand. Steering movements are implemented directly. For example, this tuning accessory gives you great pleasure if you like driving off-road with your vehicle or simply want to feel the complete control of the vehicle in your hands.

Do you need assistance with the selection? Are you not just looking for a steering wheel, but also other X-Class tuning parts for your Mercedes? We're here to help! Just contact us now!