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X-Class Floor Mats: Functional upgrade for your pickup

Our Mercedes X-Class carpets not only enhance your pickup visually, they also prove to be an excellent protection against everyday dirt, thanks to robust and durable materials such as velor.

Buy floor mats for your Mercedes X-Class online

Floor mats are a valuable protection for the interior of your Mercedes-Benz. With our X-Class floor mats, you can order tailor-made equipment for the popular pickup from Mercedes, which likewise contributes to the protection of the interior and X-Class styling. Supplemented by further tuning parts for the Mercedes X-Class, you make your vehicle a lively companion for private and commercial use.

Enhance your vehicle with X-Class velor floor mats

X-Class floor mats in these categories not only look good, they also actively contribute to a better protection of your vehicle. With X-Class velor floor mats, you benefit from a durable material that safely absorbs everyday dirt and dust and is easy to carry out of the vehicle. The tailor-made production of our mats for the Mercedes X-Class provides the best possible protection for the footwell for the driver, front passenger and rear seat. The use of our X-Class floor mats is particularly worthwhile in the commercial environment if your vehicle picks up dirt from construction sites and other workplaces on a daily basis.

Discover creative ideas about Van Tuning online

We are supplementing Mercedes X-Class carpets by Hartmann Tuning with additional quality items for an exciting and attractive X-Class styling. With us, you also make an inexpensive Van Tuning for the Sprinter, the Vito and other vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. Discover for yourself the ideal equipment for your pickup and use our inexpensive conditions for X-class floor mats and other accessories.