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Mercedes-Benz V-Class minibuses and transporters do not have to enrich their fleet alone as functional vehicles. In our shop you will find professional tuning parts!

Viano, Vito & Co. as a tuned vehicle

In the mid-1990s Mercedes introduced the V-Class, which is still one of the most important series for craftsmen and other trades. By professionally tuning more dynamics from models such as the Viano or Vito or to get an aesthetic appreciation in the interior, is particularly easy through our wide range. In addition to parts for custom tuning, we also offer special offers such as the VP STREAM or the VP3 SPEED, which have been professionally revised by us. With them you can put a focus on greater dynamics or a conspicuous appearance, which will inspire all tuning friends.

VP STREAM, VP4 SL and more - get to know our special models!

In order to directly access a tuned V-Class with a tuned performance, exciting models await you! Discover, for example, the VP Stream, whose name already points to the refined elegance and the more windy character with front spoiler or sporty rear apron. If you want to feel the handling of Viano or Vito also in the PS numbers, the VP3 Speed ​​is a delightful purchase, while the VP4 SL with aesthetic extras such as a side skirts attracts attention.

Here you will find our vehicle offers!

Order our parts for professional tuning

If you want to make targeted improvements to the performance of your Vianos or Vitos, our shop is happy to provide you with a wide range of Tuningequipment. From rims to interior components to technical components, everything you need for an improvement in performance or a sleek exterior is waiting for us. Through the sale of our high-quality parts over the Internet you expect attractive conditions with every order, which make the tuning of your Mercedes even more attractive!