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Interior for Citan and T-Class

A complete vehicle tuning always includes the interior. The Citan is no different. For the interior of the popular Mercedes, there are therefore high-quality products with style and charm.

Stylish dashboards for the Mercedes Citan

The dashboards for a Mercedes are in principle already made ex works so that they not only fulfill all ergonomic requirements in the best way, but also visually are a real highlight. Nevertheless, many Mercedes drivers appreciate a very personal interior design and therefore rely on an interior, in which noble tuning parts are used. In our shop you will find appropriate accessories of high quality and quality. Original Mercedes just!

Custom Citan interior makes your vehicle a star!

A stylish interior design makes a vehicle fast to the star. Not only the driver, but also the passengers notice fast: Here individuality and taste are capitalized. Whether the dashboards for Mercedes are used directly as tuning parts or whether design elements on the door strips are used is entirely up to you. How about, for example, the attractive dashboard design set 2? Not only the speedometer frame and the center panel are in focus here, but also the trim strip and the door handles are finished. And in attractive piano lacquer.

Fan nozzles as tuning parts

The greatest possible individuality is the trump card. The interior applications offered in our shop therefore also include fan nozzles for the Citan. The high-sheened aluminum design rings come with adhesive backing on carrier film therefore and are suitable for many dashboard parts such as the vent switch and the fan nozzles. But regardless of which finishing variant you ultimately decide on - with us you will always receive first-class products with the best service at a fair price.