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In this category you will discover special fittings for your van, e.g. the mounting rocker for bicycles. Or just convert your van into a camper!

Better use of storage space in your Mercedes-Benz van

In addition to the various tuning variations that we carry out on your van as a contractual partner of Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles, we also have very special equipment for your Mercedes. With our specials, you can now use your storage space much more efficiently than before.

In our shop you will find useful attachments for better transport and organization systems for your commercial vehicle, as well as helpful devices that will make your next camping holiday easier.

Optimal use of space

With our specials, stowing bulky goods is now even easier. If you want to keep your storage space tidy and still easily accessible, we recommend the basic box. With several compartments and drawers, it helps to make it easier to stow smaller items in your Vito. Furthermore, we can equip your V-Class and your Sprinter with aluminum system floors, which are also ideally suited for individual seating.

Practically everywhere

Would you like to take your bikes with your Sprinter on your next vacation, or are you planning a nice trip to ride your motorcycle comfortably on a suitable route? In such cases, the SECUFIX bike holder and the SECUFIX motorcycle rail offer you the right help to transport your two-wheelers safely and securely in your van. The loading process is also made even easier for you by our foldable access ramp, so that you don't have to laboriously lift the wheels into your Mercedes. Alternatively, you can also use the roof rack to attach your bikes to your V-Class.

Just camping

Would you like to use the generous area of your Vito for a camping trip? In this case we have the best equipment for you in our shop. Our kitchen boxes replace the spartan camping kitchen of the normal mobile homes. With a sink and enough storage space, the box is ideal for your next trip. In addition, the boxes fit perfectly into the basic box.

At late hours, you can use the area of your V-Class as a bed with our mattress comfort pad. So you can easily design your next camping out of your van.

Versatile applications for your van

Our various specials offer you completely new possibilities to use your Mercedes commercial vehicle. With drawer systems or multiple seating options, you can customize your van according to your wishes. You also have the option of easily transporting your bulky two-wheelers with your Vito, or you can simply relax on a soft mattress on the loading area of your V-Class.