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The Citan is the smart all-rounder from Mercedes. You get a lot of business for the vehicle fleet. Our steering wheels are designed to support the Citan's strengths and enhance the driving experience.

Simply more driving fun

For the Tuning Your Citan should decorate you with a new steering wheel to increase your driving pleasure. For example, our sport steering wheel sells your Citan a touch of racing cars. It's much more than a stylish styling accessory. It was covered by hand with nappa leather. You have the sports steering wheel firmly in control at all times and feel the movements of the vehicle through much better. You can use your Citan, for example, to give in directly, because you have the Mercedes under better control.

Fine-tuned design

The design of the sports steering wheel matches the look of the Citan cockpit. You can be so happy that it fits in exactly. On the scar of the steering wheel, the Mercedes emblem can be seen. Underneath is the airbag. The steering wheel is oval shaped. So it is sure that you can easily recognize all instrument displays when it is neutral. The steering wheel does not extend beyond the cockpit panel, your view of the road remains untouched. The inside of the steering wheel is completely covered with leather, so you do not have to change. It does not matter what position you hold your hands while the grip on the sports steering wheel feels good.