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When it comes to tuning parts, door sills are not necessarily the first products. Wrong, because with a good door sill set, the vehicle in question is visually upgraded and also done something for safety.

Perfect Mercedes door sills for the Citan

Who wants to visually beautify his Citan should not do without good sill guards. This stylish as well as useful accessory gives the car a very special touch. Door sills testify to good taste and increase the attractiveness of the vehicle. However, it is important that only high quality original parts are used. The product offered here fits perfectly there, because with these Mercedes door sills comes in any case a pinch of fashionable charm in the door area. Anyone who wants to get into the vehicle equipped with them, sees at first glance: Here level and elegance are very important!

Good door sills are more than just tuning parts

With a door sill set for the Citan not only visual accents are set, but also something for the active safety done. Because in their capacity as slip-resistant door sills, the original Mercedes door sills can protect against unintentional slipping when entering and exiting. This is especially true in humid weather. As a result, slip-resistant door sills ensure that the use of your Citan is safer.

Also important: Protect the paint with the door sill set

In addition to the aforementioned properties as anti-slip door sills and optical tuning parts, the easy-to-install door sills for the Citan protect the paintwork of the high-quality vehicle very effectively. Especially in the area of ​​the sills it is easy to get scratching and grinding marks. These ugly appearances can be avoided with the offered strips as elegant as sustainable.